Still looking for that special somebody? - What recruiters can learn from online dating

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According to an article in The Daily Telegraph, a significant number of people, particularly millennials are now using online dating sites for networking purposes and to find new work opportunities. So it’s highly likely that the candidates you are looking to attract, fall into this category.

In my experience online job ads tend to follow pretty much the same format comprising“copy and paste” extracts from a job description and candidate profile. Recruiters’ need to be more creative in attracting candidates

A starting point is to look at how other sectors go about encouraging engagement. So the next time you have a vacancy why not consider the following online dating profile guidance before drafting and then posting details of your vacancy.

1. Sign up to popular dating sites – but tell your boss first! Use these as an opportunity to look at and consider styes that are not traditionally HR centric but are likely to be attractive to prospective candidates.

2. Consider how others see you. Often your colleagues will see things that you don’twhich is why its important to ask their advice and draw on their experiences to amend your proposition accordingly.

3. Show them the real you. Consider how best to “sell” your vacancy and yourorganisation to prospective employees’. Review the careers page on your website and look at ways of making it more attractive, consider including video content and interviews with recent hires as examples. What can you say to make the people you want to connect with, engage with you?

4. Avoid cliches. Don’t try and be clever by using terms and jargon that you understand, but a prospective candidate would not. If you want to be attractive to somebody its important that they can understand what you are talking about and want to talk to you.

5. Don’t waffle. Keep the message simple. Long words and unnecessary content arebig “turn offs”.

6. Stay positive and have fun. Make sure all aspects of the recruitment process reflect a positive image of your organisation, a place where prospective employees would want to work.

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.

Good luck in finding that special someone!


Colin Lock, Managing Director UK

Mdina International