Congratulations Dr. Lenka Maruniakova!

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It has been an exciting year for our business trainer Lenka. On her behalf, we have news we would love to share with you.

For the past five years, Lenka has been working on completing her PhD in Psychology at the Masaryk University in Brno; a state-of-the-art and leading research institution, and the second biggest university in the Czech Republic.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Lenka made the bold decision to move to Malta in the midst of her studies, back in in 2015. In the following year, Lenka joined Mdina International as a business trainer and coach and consequently, brought a new perspective along with a fresh school of thought to the team.

At the end of this long and fruitful journey, we would now like to take the opportunity to congratulate Lenka Maruniakova on successfully completing her PhD.

Having a strong academic and practical background in Psychology, Lenka’s research evolved around the question “How do novice psychotherapists develop professionally?”. This allowed her to dig deeper into her specialist areas of psychotherapy and work psychology. This involved looking at psychotherapists professional development, particularly how they integrate personal and professional experience into their working style. Another focus within her research, was training tools and strategies which could aid this development.

During her PhD journey, Lenka mainly enjoyed putting theoretical frameworks in practice while designing and delivering training courses for Bachelor students in Psychology. She contributed to the personal and professional development of students, particularly in areas of emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication, teamwork, and the basic professional skills  of psychologists.

She trained the individuals to become more affluent and confident with these skills and overall the role of a psychologist, namely building rapport and working alliance, active-listening, showing empathy, effective questioning, and self-awareness. These are practical skills which are considered as essential for the effective development of psychologists.

Earlier on this year, Lenka also became a PRISM practitioner after having completed the necessary training and examinations in January in Kent, UK.

PRISM Brain Mapping is a sophisticated, online, neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance. This tool helps individuals raise self-awareness and is invaluable in helping us to understand our own preferences and understand points of differences with others, hence empowering people in their learning and development process. Lenka’s studies and extensive experience in the field of psychotherapy and work psychology, made her an excellent candidate to receive the training and to become a practitioner in this field.

At Mdina, Lenka specialises in personal and team management, facilitation in  team building and a wide range of relevant soft skills. She also delivers sessions on emotional intelligence and well-being. Lenka’s passion is individual coaching and is planning to introduce mind coaching while combining her experience in PRISM and NLP.

We would like to commemorate this important milestone in Lenka’s life and career.

Congratulations and thank you!


Mdina International