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Mdina International is looking for an Interim HR Business Partner to be placed at one of our Clients for a period of 6 months. 

The Human Resources Business Partner will be directly responsible for the overall administration, coordination, and evaluation of the human resources function for one of our clients. 

The selected candidate will work closely with a Mdina International Director to formulate the overall strategy and direction for the human resources function of our client.

Interim HR Business Partner's Typical duties will include: 

    • - Develop and administer various human resources plans and procedures for the company personnel under one’s direct responsibility.
    • - Plan, organise and manage the human resources activities of the client.
    • - Participate in developing goals, objectives, and systems.
    • - Conduct recruitment drives for the client under direct responsibility.
    • - Handle industrial relation activities including dealing with unions when required for the department under one’s direct responsibility.
    • - Establish and maintain department records and reports.
    • - Participate in administrative staff meetings and attend other meetings, such as seminars.
    • - Maintain client organisation charts and employee directory.
    • - Evaluate reports, decisions, and results of client in relation to established goals.
    • - Recommend new approaches, policies and procedures to effect continual improvements in efficiency of department and services performed.
    • - Perform other related duties as required and assigned.
    • - Act in accordance with the overarching HR strategy

Mdina International is growing and we are often looking for people who wish to join us as Associates. 

Selected candidates who possess the drive, competence and charisma may be offered this position after completion of this assignment.

You can apply by sending your CV to info@mdina.com.mt 

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